Can you Claim a Suicide as Wrongful Death?

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Suicides can sometimes happen due to another person’s fault. If a person commits suicide because of the emotional or mental distress or any other reason caused by another person, then he/she can be held responsible for the suicide. In such cases, suicide can be considered as wrongful death.

Can you File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit for Suicide?

If another person’s reckless, negligent or intentional act is the reason for your loved one’s suicide, then you can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the person who caused the suicide. It is similar to any other wrongful death cases. Hence, you will be entitled to receive all the compensations that the plaintiff of a normal wrongful death case would receive.

However, one of the difficult tasks involved in such cases is proving the liability of the defendant. It will not be easy as proving the responsibility of the defendant in a normal wrongful death case. However, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

Can Families Claim Money for Suicide?

In California, if the suicide of a person is caused by another person, then it will be considered as a wrongful death. California is a state that takes such cases seriously.

However, for claiming compensation for the suicide of a person, the family members will have to prove that:

  • Another person or party failed to provide the duty of care they owed to the deceased person.
  • That the defendant’s negligent or intentional act resulted in suicide.

The family members of a person who committed suicide will be entitled to receive wrongful death benefit in the following cases:

  • If the defendant exhibited a “damaging” behavior towards the deceased like harassing, mocking, defamation, ridiculing, discrimination, etc. that led to the suicide, then the defendant will be liable for the death. In this case, he/she will have to compensate the plaintiff for the losses caused by the death of the deceased person.
  • If a medical professional, counselor, therapist or any other party that was supposed to take care of a person failed to accomplish their duty, then it can be also considered as a wrongful death case.

What to Do if the Suicide of your Loved One is a Wrongful Death?

If you find that the suicide of your loved one is caused by another person’s fault, then you can file a lawsuit in the court to get compensation for his/her death. It is better to consult wrongful death lawyers for handling the case, as they will have experience in dealing with such cases.

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