Filing an Insurance Claim for Truck Accident

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Truck Accident Insurance Claim

The number of trucks rolling on the roadways of the United States is increasing unbelievably and so is the number of truck accidents. Needless to mention, truck accident victims can claim compensation from the opposite party by consulting a credible truck accident lawyer and filing a lawsuit. The victims are likely to obtain fair compensation depending on the talent of their truck wreck lawyer, economic, and non-economic damages. However, truck drivers or trucking companies can tackle the situation easily if they have reliable insurance coverage.

Usually, most truck accidents tend to happen because of poor weather condition, brake failure, faulty traffic light signals, the behavior of passenger vehicle drivers, potholes, etc. Note that there are many instances when passenger car drivers tend to ride on the ‘No Zone’ area. Undoubtedly, it will be hard for a truck driver to spot those cars through the side mirrors, especially when moving fast. This may lead to a truck crash as the truck driver is likely to slam the brakes so hard. However, the truck drivers are likely to assign a large degree of fault in such cases unless they have an extremely talented truck wreck lawyer on their side.

Rather than filing a personal injury lawsuit, it will be always better to file an insurance claim in such cases. Now, most people will be wondering about the things that are likely to happen when an insurance claim is filed. Note that trucking companies or drivers can obtain financial coverage in case of post-accident cots or other legal expenses if they have a reliable insurance policy. However, the insurance policies for trucks are somewhat different from that of other passenger vehicle insurance policies. Some of the best options that truck drivers or owners can consider in this case are given below.

  • Primary auto liability insurance policy to protect the truck driver or company of a third party is involved in the collision
  • Physical damage coverage policy for the rig and trailer
  • General liability insurance to provide coverage for business issues that do not involve truck crash such as losses from delivery delays, contractual disputes, etc.
  • Warehouse of terminal coverage for cargoes stored at holding facilities
  • Cargo coverage for the load a truck is transporting
  • Non-trucking liability insurance to provide coverage if a trucker fails to complete his/her assignments

Furthermore, there are certain factors that can impact the time period of your insurance claim and some of those factors are listed below.

  • The time required for the injured truck accident victims to recover fully
  • The value of the trucking insurance policy
  • Whether or not the truck driver or owner has multiple insurance policies
  • The time required to negotiate the truck accident settlement amount

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