What To Do If A Tenant Breaches Rental Agreement In Israel?

If you own a rental property and notice your tenant violating the lease contract, you would then have to deal with it in the legal way. Breach of the rental agreement is not that unfamiliar to owners of rental property in Israel. Evicting the tenants that violated the lease agreement and refuse to leave the property on their will is not that easy.

An eviction notice will be handed over to the tenant only after a lengthy investigation procedure and throughout this investigation period, the tenant can reside in the property without paying the rent or any expenses. It is also possible that the tenant damages the property and the surroundings.

In this article, we give some guidelines that can help in evicting the tenant that breached the rental agreement.

Eviction Is Rather Complicated And Takes Some Time

It is possible that the court will ask the tenant that breached the rental agreement to pay compensation to the owner including the rent and damages.  However, the amounts that the owners get with the help of the court may not completely cover all the financial damage. The longer the tenant stays in the apartment post violation of the lease agreement, the owner keeps losing money on current expenses, rent and possible damage.

Evicting A Tenant On Breaching The Rental Agreement

The slow pace of the eviction proceedings in Israel was discussed in various platforms and in an attempt to solve the issue, the Israeli property law was amended. After the amended law came into effect, property owners could file claims for evicting tenants in accordance with a special shortened procedure.  The procedure reduces the financial burden and mental stress of the owners of real estate in Israel.

Procedure Regarding Compensation From The Tenant

The accelerated procedure focuses only on the eviction of the tenant that violated the lease agreement. The procedure for getting compensation is separate from the eviction procedure. The landlord can file a claim for compensation for financial losses and damages. Evicting the tenant at the earliest minimizes the losses of the property owner. After the eviction, they can file a damages claim without having to suffer even more losses.

Drafting a flawless rental agreement can reduce the chances for breach of the agreement and the complex procedures of evicting the tenant.

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