A Comparison Between Rehab Facilities And Nursing Homes

Even though the terms nursing homes and rehab facilities are often used interchangeably, they provide different services and vary in their costs. Hence, you have to be aware of their differences to choose the right option for you. We provide a comparison between nursing homes and rehab facilities for your knowledge.

Nursing Homes

They provide long-term nursing care for senior citizens. Nursing homes provide a permanent home for the aged who need help with their everyday routines.

Nursing homes usually try to make a convenient and pleasant environment for older people. Residents may choose to live in a shared or a private room and they might be able to opt for various amenities based on their requirements.

Some of the daily services provided in such facilities include helping in and out of the bed, dressing, bathing, using the bathroom, helping with meals, etc.

Additionally, the staff might also help with medication including catheters, oxygen, and administering tablets or other medications.

It might become necessary for older adults to have close supervision, especially for those with Alzheimer’s disease or similar disorders. Hence, they will have to be moved to a nursing home.

Pros Of Nursing Homes

  • There will be a lot of nursing homes even in small towns, hence, they are easily accessible.
  • Nursing homes accept most insurances.
  • They offer 24-hour services.
  • They will be usually close to your home, hence, it will be easy and convenient for you to visit your loved ones.

Cons Of Nursing Homes

  • They may not provide rehabilitation services.
  • The staff to resident ratio might be less than required.
  • Most nursing homes will provide shared rooms for inhabitants.

Rehab Facilities

They usually provide rehabilitation services to sick, injured, or disabled patients. Hospitals can refer patients to such facilities after surgery or in case of a medical condition that needs expert care and monitoring. We here at Foothill Pasadena rehab have nurses and other specialists who can provide different rehabilitation services like therapies for the patients.

Rehabilitation services usually provide services like speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Each facility can be different, hence, you have to find an option that can be suitable for your requirements.

Pros Of Rehab Facilities

  • They can provide in-house rehabilitation services that can aid patients to transition back to their normal living.
  • They accept most insurances.

Cons Of Rehab Facilities

  • They usually do not provide long-term medical care.

So when choosing between nursing homes and rehab centers, you have to consider these factors for finding the right option for you.

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