A Brief Guide To Cell Phone Boosters

Using a signal booster is the best way to increase the cell signal strength and improve cell reception in your area. Proper cell reception has become an important aspect of our daily life. Without it, we will regularly experience call drops, slow data speed, undelivered text messages, etc.

Keep on reading this article to get a brief knowledge about signal booster and how it helps to improve the cellular reception in your home, office, and vehicle.

What Is A Cell Phone Booster?

A cell phone booster is an electronic device specifically designed for capturing the cell signal and increasing the cell signal strength to a usable level. An average in-house signal booster can amplify the cell signals by 32 times and work with any network carriers.

Signal boosters are very easy to install and it will help to get rid of call drops and slow data speed forever. The device is capable of improving cell reception for areas up to 100,000 square feet. With improved cell reception, you will be able to make clearer voice calls.

Components Of Signal Booster

A signal booster has three main components. They are an outside antenna, an amplifier unit, and an inside antenna. The purpose of the outside or external antenna is to capture the cell signals coming from the cell tower. The outside antenna is of two types; omnidirectional and unidirectional.

The omnidirectional antenna will capture the cell signals from all the directions. This type of antenna is used when you are surrounded by multiple cell towers and still not getting proper cell reception. A unidirectional antenna is used when you are living in a remote location. This antenna is capable of capturing cell signals from a single direction.

The most important component of the booster system is the amplifier unit. The amplifier is responsible for boosting the cell signal to a usable level. The inside antenna will redistribute the boosted cell signals to all the devices. The inside antenna can be mounted on the wall and ceiling.

Why Do You Need A Signal Booster?

People who regularly experience call drops and slow data speed need a signal booster. Poor cell reception can be caused by several reasons. Some of those reasons are the distance from the cell tower, bad weather, heavy network traffic, and obstacles that block the cell signals like buildings, trees, glass windows, metal doors, etc. The best possible way to overcome these problems is the cell phone booster. With a signal booster, you can boost 4G signals in the Netherlands or any part of the world.

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