About Us

The term ‘wrongful death’ refers to one person’s demise due to another’s negligent action. Many things can bring about such a death, including a product malfunction, an accident, and a medical malpractice. On this website, you can find everything related to wrongful death.

Most of the content you see here are applicable to California, but there are also more general articles here that apply to a global audience. Although law can vary by location, some things in it can be mostly common. An example is the definition of a minor – almost every nation sets the majority age at 18.

A minor, or one aged below 18 years, may be able to file a wrongful death claim provided that some criteria are met. Time is such a big factor in wrongful death cases. Ever heard of the statute of limitations? This term means that one must bring a wrongful death claim inside 24 months after the person’s passing.

Through our website, you may be able to know newer things. Do you know it is possible for even suicide to be deemed wrongful death? Our aim of operating this website is to arm you with ample knowledge about the legal side of a reality of life.